The National Public Health Week 2010 –April 5-11

by Carolina on April 5, 2010

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This year, the National Public Health Week (NPHW) is celebrated April 5-11 and it challenges us to help make America healthier, one community at a time. This week is dedicated to create and develop several ideas and activities that can be applicable to individuals, schools, workplace, and the community to improve our community’s wellness and nation’s health. Healthy communities are dependent upon strong public health systems across America, and that begins with us. Taking small actions and thinking big will help us to reach our goal of promoting good health in our communities. We can start small as modifying our eating habits choosing fruits and vegetables instead of sugary sweets; quitting smoking or using other tobacco products; and planting a tree in our neighborhood or backyard. If we can keep our families healthy and nurture the positive behaviors that will help them grow into healthy communities, we will be well on our way to becoming the healthiest nation in one generation.

Enjoy and participate the National Public Health Week, and keep The Nation’s Health in mind!

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