National Nursing Assistant Survey (NNAS)

The National Nursing Assistant Survey (NNAS) is the first national study of nursing assistants working in nursing facilities in the United States. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is sponsoring the study. About 6,000 nursing assistants will be chosen for the NNAS from about 800 nursing homes across the country. The NNAS will look at the important role of nursing assistants in providing long-term care services for the growing elderly and chronically ill population.

The NNAS, part of the National Nursing Home Survey, will provide new information needed to recruit, retain, and expand paraprofessional long-term care workforce. We will conduct this first national survey of nursing assistants as a telephone interview with a sample of workers who provide nursing home residents with assistance in activities of daily living (ADLs) (eating, transferring, toileting, dressing and bathing). The survey includes collecting information on whether workers plan to continue working in their present positions and what factors affect their decisions, including job satisfaction, nature of the work environment, training, advancement opportunities, benefits, working conditions, and personal or family demands. The survey will help identify nursing assistants priorities, ways to meet those priorities, and how to prevent staffing shortages in the future.

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