World Hepatitis Day — July 28, 2012

July 27, 2012
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Tweet “Hepatitis” means swelling and inflammation of the liver. It is not a condition, but is often used to refer to a viral infection of the liver. There are seven types of hepatitis. In the U.S., the most common types are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Viral hepatitis can be caused by infections […]

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Oral Health America

January 21, 2011
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Tweet Oral health America works to represent the oral health interests of the American public. Through Smiles Across America, OHA reaches more than 310,000 children annually with a range of oral disease prevention and health promotion services, including dental sealants, fluoride varnish treatments, and family education. The organization also educates youth about the risks of […]

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Cost-effectiveness of Prevention Programs

June 14, 2010
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Tweet In some situations as public health professionals we have the need of analyzing the cost-effectiveness of one or several prevention programs.  We basically need to compare the relative costs and outcomes (effects) of two or more courses of action, and based on that economic analysis choose the options that provide the greatest outcome for […]

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Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults

May 25, 2010
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Tweet Physical Activity helps improve your overall health and fitness, and reduces your risk for many chronic diseases. Regular physical activity is important for good health, and it’s especially important if you’re trying to control and maintain a healthy weight. Fitting regular exercise into your daily schedule may seem difficult at first, but knowing and […]

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World Water Day 2010 – March 22, 2010

March 17, 2010
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Tweet World Water Day, celebrated annually on March 22, was established by the United Nations in 1992 and focuses attention on the world’s water crisis, as well as the solutions to address it.  This day is dedicated to the theme of water quality and its importance as a resource to sustain healthy ecosystems and human […]

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March: The National Nutrition Month

March 13, 2010
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Tweet You’ve probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. It’s true that food is broken down and transformed into cells, hormones, muscles and YOU! When you think of food in this way, it can be easier to make healthy and nutritious choices for your body. March is the National Nutrition Month and today […]

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National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW) January 10-16, 2010.

January 11, 2010
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Tweet The best means of flu prevention is vaccination. The 2009 H1N1 influenza is the most common flu infecting people so far this season. At this point, the US has seen two waves of this disease—one began in April 2009, and the other started in September 2009. In order to prevent the possibility that another […]

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Preventing Birth Defects

January 7, 2010
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Tweet This month is the National Birth Defects Prevention Month. Birth defect is defined as any defect present in a baby at birth. It involves defects in or damage to a developing fetus and it may be the result of genetic abnormalities, the intrauterine (uterus) environment, errors of morphogenesis, a chromosomal abnormality, or by prenatal […]

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Increasing school-based health centers with an oral health component

December 15, 2009
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Tweet Author: Dr. Arana “Dental caries is the single most common chronic disease of childhood, occurring five to eight times as frequently as asthma, the second most common chronic disease in children. Despite the reduction in cases of caries in recent years, more than half of all children have caries by the second grade, and, […]

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