December 2009

Creating a Program Rationale

December 30, 2009
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Tweet Author: Dr. Arana During this fall I had the opportunity to attend to the Health Planning and Program Development course conducted by Dr. Bruce C. Perry. One of the many things we learned from his class was the importance in creating a Program Rationale.  Development of rationale is a key element for planning and […]

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The History of Public Health Surveillance

December 23, 2009

Tweet Author: Dr. Arana The concept of public health surveillance has evolved over time. This concept arose in Europe some 600 years ago with the emergence of scientific thought during the Renaissance, and subsequently spread to the Americas with the European settlers (Declich,  Carter 1994). Prior to 1950, surveillance meant the close observation of persons […]

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Importance of Public Health Data

December 21, 2009
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Tweet Author: Dr. Arana Surveillance systems provide the foundations on which to build successful control and prevention programs. The analysis and comparison of surveillance systems can help ensuring that these systems are collecting the right data and following appropriate procedures to obtain good data and support quality planning, dissemination of data, and implementation of population-based […]

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Steps and Functions of Surveillance Systems

December 17, 2009

Tweet Author: Dr. Arana Surveillance is undertaken to inform disease prevention and control measures. This systematic and continuous system follows some steps and functions to enable design procedures and methodologies to be developed in order to have effective surveillance systems that support ongoing researches and public health actions. In Figure 1, there is a description […]

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Increasing school-based health centers with an oral health component

December 15, 2009
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Tweet Author: Dr. Arana “Dental caries is the single most common chronic disease of childhood, occurring five to eight times as frequently as asthma, the second most common chronic disease in children. Despite the reduction in cases of caries in recent years, more than half of all children have caries by the second grade, and, […]

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Definition of Surveillance System

December 13, 2009

Tweet Author: Dr. Arana Historically, public health surveillance has combined two different activities: case and statistical surveillances. Case surveillance, which is focuses on individuals, or sometimes small groups of individuals, has been used for communicable diseases capable of causing great harm to the entire population if allowed to spread. In contrast, statistical surveillance uses populations to […]

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Global Knowledge

December 11, 2009
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Tweet I decided to create this blog after I completed the Master in Public Health from Georgia State University Institute of Public Health.   I am very passionate about public health and the impact that its practice can have in communities, organizations, and entire countries. This blog is intended to share what people are doing […]

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